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Christine O'Brien

visual art

Woven Decade at Gallery 20ten, Waterford

28th February to 10th March, 2018

This retrospective solo exhibition includes paintings, photographs and mixed media sculptures and installations created between 2008 and 2018. The works draw inspiration from a range a habitats including Fenor Bog and reed beds on the banks of the Suir and its tributaries. They explore the boundary-lines between cultivated and untamed landscapes. Boundary lines that separate, link, divide, protect or connect people and places. Natural elements woven together, the vertical rising up while horizontal layers hold the fabric of our natural environment together or decay down into the earth.

"Since childhood I have thought of hedges as remnants of ancient forests; pathways connecting islands of woodland. They reveal glimpses of places to explore between and beyond the familiar. Hedgerows are a diverse genetic storehouse with the potential to re-animate native woodland. A liminal space between what was and what will be, anticipating what might evolve. A place or time for transformation."

Previous solo exhibitions include 'Taking Leave' at Soma Contemporary Gallery, Waterford, in 2015
'Boundary Lines at Solstice' at the Waterford Museum of Treasures in 2011 and
'Dreamcatchers' at the Index Gallery, Waterford, in 2008.

Gallery 20ten is open to the public from 1 to 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday. It is supported by Waterford City & County Council and the Tower Hotel.

woven decade exhibition

supported by
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