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Christine O'Brien

visual art

NEMUS: Sacred Grove

The Red Stables Gallery, St Anne's Park, Clontarf. Dublin.

2014 COBS-Boundaryline - after monet, oil on canvasAs part of National Tree Week 2015 and to celebrate the enjoyment we all get from trees and forests 20ten artist collective present 'Nemus: Sacred Grove' at The Red Stables Gallery, St Anne's Park, Clontarf. Dublin. This Art exhibition officially opens at 3pm on Saturday 7th March.

The artwork includes woven willow sculptures and wood carving, paintings in acrylic and oil, drawings, photography, installation and multi-media audio/visual works. The collection invokes the mysterious if not mystical presence that we sometimes feel when we surrounded by woodland.

Some groups of trees have a special aura and have long been considered to be ‘sacred groves’. Overtime they become locations for significant events or rituals. From druidic oak groves to the Celtic ‘Tree of Life’ trees have held deep spiritual significance for the communities around them.

20ten artists include: Darragh Lyons, Roisin Kinsella, Pat McArdle, Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock, Christine O'Brien Shanahan, Conor Rush and Kevin Connolly. The exhibition, which includes work by guest artists John O'Regan, Magda Karol and Beata Zakrzewska, is supported by Dublin City Parks Department and Waterford City Council.

The collection reflects each artist’s individual interpretations of the theme, 'Nemus: Sacred Grove'. The exhibition runs from 7th to 18th March - opening time: 10 am to 4.30pm.

Co-curated by Chris O'Brien Shanahan and Conor Rush. Visit www.20tenartgroup.com for details.

20ten - Nemus Sacred grove catalogue

Nemus Sacred Grove

Nine Nests at Soma Contemporary Gallery cobs

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