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Christine O'Brien

visual art

Pop-Up Common Room Café for Visual Artists

The inaugural Visual Artists Ireland (VAI) Pop-Up ‘Common Room’ Café took place on Saturday 27th July at Central Library, Lady Lane, Waterford, between 2pm and 5pm. Co-hosted by Chris O'Brien Shanahan and 20ten the Arts Gathering was about, by and for Visual Artists based in the South East of Ieland.

The free event was open to non VAI members and relevant to artist collectives, curators, writers and those with an interest in the visual arts.

2:00... Welcome/Tea & Coffee: Attendees were encouraged to bring examples of their work, catalogues, posters, info re recent exhibitions or projects, etc.

2:15... Short Introductions: Chris O’Brien Shanahan networking ice-breaker

2:30... Making Connections: Small group discussions about life as a visual artist in 2013

3:00... Guest speaker: Facilitated discussion with Mr Noel Kelly, Director of VAI, based on recent research comparing experiences of Irish Visual artists with the colleagues overseas.

3:30... "How to Lobby" with Mr. Alex Davis, VAI Advocacy Program Officer

4:00... Open Forum: Group discussion on popular topics

4:30... Leave Taking: Refreshments and feedback

5:00... Pop-up Tour: Sensorium: Soma Contemporary Gallery, Waterford Aug 10th We-Sat 12-5pm

6:00... Pop-up Tour: Art Hive exhibition , former Hive Studio, 2 Bank Lane, Waterford

VAI developed ‘The Common Room Social Network' web site for the Visual Arts to assist artists, art professionals and public in meeting people and staying connected. ‘The Common Room’ seeks to promote mutual understanding among members by highlighting practices, commonalities, and experiences through forums, blogs, photos, and videos. www.thecommonroom.net

The event was hosted by Christine O’Brien Shanahan in conjunction with VAI ‘local groups initiative’, 20ten artist collective and Avenue Festival

Sensorium at Soma Contemporary Gallery, Lombard Street,

In recent time scientific and technological developments have worked in tandem to expand our understanding of the universe and our place within it. One of the fundamental scientific theories of the last century proposed by theoretical physicist Max Planck claims that reality is derived through consciousness.

“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature, for in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of the mystery that we are trying to solve”

As Forrest’s second solo show, Sensorium represents an artistic consideration of the mystery of consciousness. The exhibition presents a series of installations designed to unpack some of the cultural, scientific and environmental influences that shape our reality. Examining perception from the dual perspectives of science and art Sensorium sets up a reflexive experience for each viewer’s personal and embodied knowledge to activate.

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Chris would like to thank Waterford City Council Arts Office and the staff at Central Library for their cooperation.

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