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Christine O'Brien

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slow art dayWaterford Slow Art Day

This year’s international ‘Slow Art Day’ event takes place at Garter Lane Arts Centre on Saturday April 27th between 11am and 1pm. www.garterlane.ie

The idea is simply – look at two or three artworks, relax with a coffee, reflect and discuss what you have seen with others – slowly.

The event is designed to give ourselves time to consider a single art work, and then enjoy a stress free art conversation over coffee. No expertise or experience of art appreciation is required or expected.

At any stage between 11 am to 1pm, participants are encouraged to spend five to ten minutes viewing two artworks from Kathleen Delaney’s ‘Armoire’ collection and one piece by Sarah Edmondson.
  Slow Art Day was conceived in 2009 by a New York-based non-profit organisation as a means to ‘reignite curiosity’. This year over 250 museums and galleries world-wide will host the event, double last year’s total.

The fun occasion is open to the public and free of charge. Slow Art Day is supported by Waterford City Council. You can register online and visit Slow Art Day web site www.slowartday.com, and check out Slow Art Day on facebook.

Waterford Slow Art Day 2013

Selected artwork from Kathleen Delaney's 'L'Armoire' and Sarah Edmondson's 'Entr'acte'

Untitled by Kathleen Delaney, slow art day 2013 at Garter LaneL'Armoire; Wardrobe, in furniture, a large cupboard, usually equipped with drawers, a mirror, and other devices for storing clothes. In L’Armoire, there is a dialogue between the inner and the outer worlds, the external reflecting the internal, a mirror in time. These works investigate the armour worn out into the world. Kathleen Delaney takes the image of a wardrobe merged and entwined with a living root system that serves to ground the object. In her series of drawing/collages she uses the written word along with a reworked image of a Chippendale press. Images of clothing appear in some of the pieces, where in others there are descriptions of clothing.

Entr'acte by Sarah Edmondson, Slow Art Day 2013 at Garter LaneEntr'acte by Sarah Edmondson. Inspired by the philosophical writings of Gaston Bachelard (The Poetics of Space, 1958) her work is an investigation into the narrative capacity of empty spaces. It explores the symbolic value of architectural structures and the ability of furniture to personify the inhabitants of a household or an interior setting.

For more info see www.sarah-edmondson.com.

The story behind
Slow Art Day

www.slowartday.com and facebook


Slow Art Day, a global annual event run by volunteers, celebrates the joy of looking at art slowly. It was conceived in 2009 in response to research that found people leave galleries tired not inspired … The aim is to facilitate engagement with art in a new way … ‘if you look slowly, your experience will be transformed.’


The Slow Movement, which includes ‘slow’ food, travel, and gardening, supports a cultural shift toward slowing down life's pace… www.slowart.com


Waterford volunteer host :
Chris O’Brien Shanahan

"Slow Art Day is less about ‘art-speak’ and more about valuing your own personal response to what you see, and making time to hear what others have to say. It gives artists time to speak through their work."

Chris would like to thank Waterford City Council Arts Office and the staff at Garter Lane Arts Centre for their cooperation.

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