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Christine O'Brien

visual art

Waterford Slow Art Day

slow art day

12am to 1pm, at Theatre Royal & Café Royal, City Hall, Waterford

What is involved?

At a time that suits between 11 and 1 spend five to ten minutes quietly observing the artworks. Simply: slow down; view the selected artwork; choose another; relax and reflect slowly. Then, when you are ready, enjoy a leisurely coffee (your own expense) and discuss the experience.

Selected artwork from Waterford Municipal Art Collection:

Les Retrouves (Found Again), Dany Lartigue, 1944
Girl in a Restaurant, Beate Obermann, 1970
Curiosity, William Conor, 1938

The story behind Slow Art Day | see www.slowartday.com and facebook

Slow Art Day, a global annual event run by volunteers, celebrates the joy of looking at art slowly. It was conceived in 2009 in response to research that found people leave galleries tired not inspired … The aim is to facilitate engagement with art in a new way … ‘if you look slowly, your experience will be transformed.’

The Slow Movement, which includes ‘slow’ food, travel, and gardening, supports a cultural shift toward slowing down life's pace… www.slowart.com

Waterford volunteer host : Chris O’Brien Shanahan
"Slow Art Day is less about ‘art-speak’ and more about valuing your own personal response to what you see, and making time to hear what others have to say. It gives artists time to speak through their work."

WCC logoChris would like to thank Waterford City Council Arts Office and the staff at the Theatre Royal and Café Royal for their cooperation

Les retrouves
Les Retrouve (Found Again)
Dany Lartigue, 1944

Girl in a Restaurant Obermann
Girl in a Restaurant
Beate Obermann, 1970

Curiosity Conor Curiosity
William Conor, 1938

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