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Christine O'Brien

visual art

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‘Window Dressing Art in a …temporary art space...

Untitled cobs

mixed media sculpture, 2010
Suspended Animation cobs
Suspended Animation
mixed media installation, 2010
Ode to Braque cobs

Ode to Braque
mixed media sculpture, 2010
Alpha and Omega cobs

Alpha and Omega
mixed media sculpture, 2009
First Fruit cobs
First Fruit
photographic print, 2009
Receptacle cobs
photographic print, 2010
Limited Edition cobs

Limited Edition
photographic print, 2009
Sow, Reap, Process, Eat, Documentcobs

Sow, Reap, Process, Eat, Document, photograph, 2009
Window dressing art in a ...temporary art space

Documentation of art becomes Art, catalogue, 2010

site specific installation
Kilo’s Wholefood Store Michael St. Waterford
11 Sept. to 2 Oct. 2010
Window Dressing Art in a ...temporary art space

"This is the first showing of artworks based on the ritual of harvesting. “
… sow, reap, process, eat, document … the collection is inspired by gathering berries in the wild, harvesting cultivated apples, the ritual preparation of fruits and the tradition of making apple jelly… The craft of creating new recipes – adopting, adapting and changing processes inherited and taught through generations...
Performance Art often only exists in memory or documentation.”

10 jars of fruit jelly, 2009 20 catalogues, 2010
Limited editions,
numbered & signed,
first and last retained.
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