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Punchinello July - August 2009 Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford

An exhibition of artworks by Phillip Cullen, Gabriella Eviston, Ben Hennessy, Joe Moran and Chris O'Brien Shanahan

The selected photographs are part of a visual record of visits made to Fenor Bog in late 2008. Taken from the pathway during autumn and winter 2008, they include close-up abstract studies that reveal rich colours and textures. These warm earth colours are similar to traditional dyes used in Irish weaving.
Fenor Bog is the only privately owned Special Area of Conservation in Ireland. It has seven different types of natural habitats and each supports different types of plants and animals.

The natural earth colours found in the diverse flora of Fenor Bog inspired the installation “Weave”. Bog oak and hazel create a framework on which snapshots of the bog weave a visual tapestry. The tapestry is woven with different viewpoints that are linked together, creating a single artwork. Different parts remain separate, but when you see them from the distance they are one piece.

“At Fenor the walkway brings you into the bog. Around the outside you can see the rest of the world on the horizon. The centre is where little creatures live in their own unique place. Our homes, villages, towns and cities are in the middle of a natural environment. They are part of the surrounding countryside, whether it is a garden, park, reclaimed bog or woodland. Native landscape can be healing in urban areas, blending the lines between town and county. “

Waterford City Council logosprÓg!!! the pre-Spraoi festival for children aged 5yrs and over at Garter Lane Arts Centre from July 27- 31.

The photographic collection was grant aided by Waterford City Council, with special thanks to the Arts Office.

Review in Munster Express


punchinello garter lane 2009
fenorb bog reclaim pathway
fenorb bog tussock path

punchinello at garter lane Art Gallery 2009 | reclaim pathway | fenor bog pathway
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