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Christine O'Brien

visual art

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Expressionism and the Art of Website Design,
September, 2006, Tower Hotel, Waterford.

The autumn programme of Network Waterford events kicked off with an eclectic mix of art workshop and web design. The evening was a fun opportunity to look at new ways to identify and express what you and your business, or career, is really all about, with "keywords" that express the way you think about your business being expressed visually.

Guest facilitator Christine Shanahan, director of web design company Concept, has a background in Fine Art and is a former Art & Design teacher. An experienced Art Therapist, Christine has been responsible for the creative and administrative aspects of Concept since 1996. 

The relaxed environment allowed for the exploration of the positive elements associated business life and the way personality and energy is expressed in business. At the same time offering an insight into the way colour and layout can influence the way you feel and think when surfing the net.

Christine encouraged members to bring along friends and colleagues "... it is vital that we find a way to allow our personalities and energy be expressed positively during the part of our life we call the working day..."



Christine with 2006 Network Waterford president Cecilia Caresle (photozone)

Attending the September event were from left: Samantha Clooney, The Virtual Office; Siobhan Wall, Healthy Options and Claire Phelan, Waterford Chember. (photozone)

Also attending - from left: Sharon Murphy, Energize Computers; Keith O'Halloran, Prophoto; Michael Flynn, Prophoto and Angela Sommers, accountant. (photozone)

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