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Christine O'Brien

visual art


Recent Art Installation work ...


At Ambiosonic Festival, Forêt des Maures, Provence, France

Boundary line representing Irish hedgerows - remnants of lost forests surviving on roadsides. Installation as part of Ambiosonic Festival. Located on bridge across dry river bed at the heart of the festival site. 10ft flourescent acrylic on canvas cut-out. read more here

On-going Installations

Weave Series

Installation work on the 'Weave' theme use images from the 2008 photographic journal of Fenor Bog nature reserve. The photos are printed on recycled draft copies of the MA thesis ‘Exploring Creativity in the Library: the Sustainable Use of Local Resources for Local Needs’

Taken from the pathway during autumn and winter 2008, the photos include close-up abstract studies that reveal rich colours and textures. These warm earth tones are reminisent of traditional Irish weaving. Fenor has seven distinct natural habitats, each supporting diverse plant and animal life. The natural earth colours inspired the installation “Weave”. The tapestry is woven with images using different viewpoints - creating a single artwork. Different parts remain separate, but appear as one piece from a distance.

Weave Installation at gateway festival 2010
Gateways Festival September 2010

Other recent Art Installation work ...

‘Window Dressing Art in a …temporary art space... September 2010

Into the Island - November 2008

Dreamcatcher solo exhibition at Index Gallery (right)

Treeline cobs 2012
Treeline 1.1
Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

weave 1-1 2009
WEAVE 1-1, 2009
Bog oak and hazel framework woven with snapshots of the bog.
weave 1-2 2010
weave 1-3 2010

installation, with chris and anne

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